Songs and words

May, 2023

Discovering Ireland for the first time; her land and people; sharing in sessions, impromptu gatherings, coupling the sparkings of new songs beside the peaty fires of winter, to be honed and shaped as they travel with me upon the road. 

Embracing the kindness of the people of England’s north and their lovely folk clubs on an impromptu “introductions” mini tour; returns to be planned hopefully for the new year… 

And for the present – a moment to release my latest recording, “Where The River Winds”; a benediction, crystallising beyond the passing pandemic. This new 6 track EP will be available from me for $10 wherever I may be bound next…

In Peace and Harmony,


Where the River Winds sampler


October, 2020

What a time for all of us; upheavals and uncertainties, re-evaluating pathways…yet I truly believe we will all ultimately come out of this pandemic period with a fresh outlook on things; a greater value on the simple things that we may take for granted and be the stronger for it as humankind.

Music and the Arts have never been of greater value to humanity than now, and to be expressively caring and sharing our hearts with our brothers and sisters in love and compassion has never been more apt.

I have been fortunate through these prolonged periods of lockdown and restriction to find myself in a gentle and nurturing space as well as being blessed by the creativity of new songs which I am in the process of recording.

I would like to share a recording just taken up by the Murray River of a wonderful song by Jackson Browne which I have always felt evokes freedom from the superficialities of the modern world; of simplicity in feeling, of far off places, peace and nostalgia – all things that drew me to sing it.

May we meet each other again soon, along the journeyed way…

August 2019

Another year of travelling, volunteering, connecting; sharing moments together on this precious earth…and a time for setting down and recording a clutch of new material, this currency of song so gratefully received through me and accompanying me along the journeyed way.

With support from wonderful and generous folk that I am honoured to meet and to also know as friends; ever a source of inspiration and questioning, listening and learning – tapping the deepest wells within the heart….

Special thanks to Emily for ongoing maintenance of my website – Aroha!

My 6 track EP ‘Along The Journeyed Way” will be available for $10 at gigs and shows and wherever I may lay my hat, sharing moments.

A raw sampler of tracks:

February, 2019
Planning is underway to record an EP of new songs and collaborations from along the journeyed road, with production in the near future- watch this space…

My original EP, “Things Between Us”, kindly recorded by the wonderful songwriter and performer Alex Legg back in 2012 is currently my only recording to date. These songs were laid down very fresh and I feel that in hindsight I recorded them too early – some of those songs that I play today now hold a very different resonance for me, having matured into a different dynamic. This has been a lesson that I have taken on board…. ( song samples in their original form are available, below)

I am continuing to grow, to write and create, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but have been particularly blessed over the last couple of years (coinciding with my journeying life-change of direction) to have been chosen as a portal through which much new material has come – I am carrying and adding to this bagful of songs; they grow and evolve as an extension of me in performance, yet are creating their own identity too and I am looking forward to recording them when the moment is right.

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