New Pathways
Past Journeys


We all have a calling to seek our true source – to pave the road ahead as we pass through this realm by doing what we love; mine has turned into being one of a journeyman and songwriting singer wending a way perhaps less travelled, carrying a passion……

A couple of years ago, I felt that a life-change of direction was needed in a purposeful way to nourish the soul. Through music, travel and volunteering my life, I have uncovered and embraced a capacity within to connect and share through the giving of oneself. I am crossing paths with people from all walks of life and am overwhelmed by the generosity of the human spirit – I am being so enriched by my experiences that I wouldn’t change it for the world…..meeting people who constantly teach me things and inspire me to write and craft my songs. To plunge and delve into the heart for essence. To learn to see things and not just to look; to allow myself to embrace each and every moment as an opportunity and a chance to truly connect and become…..

I genuinely feel that a change in perspective can alter your reality. We all see what we want to see and perhaps within the western culture, we need to re-evaluate what the term “being successful” can mean to both the individual and to the collective; to reside in the present and not in the pursuance of things. To learn to let go and embrace the experience and the simple joy of creation, connection; the freedom of expression in art and unravelling fulfilment of playing songs. By not nurturing an ulterior motive or expectation, to be unafraid of failing and following the heart can allow us to heighten our self-awareness and self-discovery, creating new possibilities and reciprocal joyous exchange with people and places…..

I have always felt the bonding capacity of how music can weave and connect us across the globe, regardless of culture and of the spiritual and healing conduit it can create; how it can be a compass point for meaning because it comes from the soul…..I feel truly blessed to be able to hopefully contribute in some small way to humanity’s song.

May we meet and share moments along the road.

Best Wishes,

Andrew Lockwood, June 2018